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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New Beginnings!

One week. And what a week. When someone speaks of a life changing moment, you would assume that it would come with a symphonic orchestra along with it and announce its presence with all possible cacophony associated with something as momentous as this. You know its coming and you know that its going to create an impact. And you brace yourself for it. Be prepared for it and tackle it head on.

That's how its supposed to be and that is how we have come to expect it. Has happened in the past and you expect it to maintain itself. Guess this is not how it works. Sometime it just happens. A word here, a sentence there, a thought expressed and bingo. Your life is changed. Changed in a irrevocable way that makes all that exists redundant and instead throws you into the turmoil and churn when you least expect it.

Life as I know it, is over. Life as I want it, has just about started to find itself.

That is how momentous a week it has been. What started as just another Saturday, and what promised to be just another week, has instead become The Week. A week where self discovery was matched word for word with discovering that what one can think, so can two. A week of half completed sentences because suddenly it was being completed instantly and almost as if by magic, of half baked thoughts, cause i was not the only one thinking them up. It was as if the universe was in sync with all my thoughts and words and dreams and reality.

But then the test of the pudding has always being in the eating. And sometimes the universe might be in sync, but the planets can he so horribly misaligned. And the only way to figure that out was a trip into reality. But guess what, like those one in a million year alignment, everything was in perfect symmetry. All planets lined up in one straight line along with the Sun. Now for some doomsday theorist, can mean the end of life as we know it. But for it was a beginning. A reason to find sanity in an insane world. And the ability to start knowing that life doesn't just throw a miracle at you like a curve ball. But actually life is a miracle waiting to be discovered.

The past is now just that. The walls lie in a heap, crumbled and shattered and when you look over it, life looks like a green meadow with all flowers of all possible colours and with the sun just about starting to show itself over the horizon.

A Brand New Day!

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